GibSea Yacht Owners Association

About the Association
Vaughany - 10/2/2009 at 00:35

The Gib'Sea Association was formed in January 2001 by Ralph Ferrand and Paul Rosevere, after we gave up trying to find an association.

The association was formed with a view to pooling and sharing information about Gib'Sea Sailing Yachts. This includes the solving of technical problems, advice on maintaining and improving our vessels as well as finding the best suppliers for products as well as services.

The association is to be run on a web / e-mail basis as this is cheaper and easier for those running the association. It also has the advantage of requiring minimal subs, just 5 is all we ask.

As you will discover, this site has a number of pages containing articles written by the membership on a variety of topics. Members are always encouraged to contribute articles to the website on any topic that relates to yachts. It has to be said that the views expressed in any article are not necessarily the views of the association as a whole but every member has the right to express their views. If you find an article interesting to write you can be sure others in the association will want to read it.

We keep a list of suppliers of products and services who have been found to be helpful and a another page for those offering our members a discount.

The success of an association, such as this, is dependent on the members making the effort to make others aware of our existance. I am doing everything in my power to advertise the association but the members need to spread the word around sailing clubs and marinas as well. The more members, the more boats, the more technical knowledge for us all to use.

Good sailing!

Paul Rosevere :starhit: